A slang term for a male genitals that has been overstressed by ghetto kids and wangsters and is very tiring to hear.
Yo, you got that OD little meat!
by Schuyler K February 07, 2009
What you call that one freshman that you can never remember the name of.
Who is that kid? HEY MEAT!
by Dillon Rafferty February 23, 2008
n.) the male sex organ v.) to have sex with
Sister: Hey Brad, I want you to meet my new friend Ashley

Brad: Sounds good. I'd love to meat her
by Captain Fox January 18, 2012
1. Effort at the threshold of ability.

2. Intentionally choosing the path of greatest resistance in an effort to show off.

3. Intentionally choosing the path of greatest resistance because you can.
Matt: Would you have sex with a dude for a million bucks?
Charles: Yeah, but I'd have to meat it.


Dave: I know it's a nice day and all, but do you really think you should be swimming upstream in those rapids? There's a perfectly dry trail right next to it.

Paul (swimming effortlessly): Eat my dick.
by bein' a meat September 21, 2009
a expression used to make fun of someone when they say/do something stupid
your sitting there with your buddies and then one of tem leans back in their chair and busts their s*@!. then you yell out "MEAT!" and slap their hand.
by See an P February 20, 2005
"meat" - sexual intercourse, fuck.
For example: "I'd like to MEAT her" or "Dude, look at the ass on that bitch, I'd like to MEAT her someday".
by Emersumbiguns August 20, 2012
Someone who did something dumb or is known for doing dumb things.
Friend 1: haha Jake showed up to school on Sunday thinking it was Monday again.
Friend 2: I'm not surprised. He's a meat.
by webpapii June 02, 2015

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