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a term used for a person that is the most fattest person in all of life. This person's arms are so buff he is not capable of wiping his ass and touching his shoulders. He is also invisible during nighttime due to his irregular dark skin color. If you spot this person he is probably sleeping or napping or eating. He might be mistaken to be the 2 ton pokemon, snorlax, but dont worry this the one and only Meat. He is highly dangerous due to the fact that he is blind and can't differentiate between friend or foe. He is also usually pummeling a square head by the name of steve ngo.
Damn Meat why the hell you got to be so damn buff.
by Fluffyblackmeat September 26, 2007
as well as a rejection, simply an occurence that is unpredicted or unpleasant. Can be elaborated into any form of animal protein based produce.
'you just hit on that hairy girl, how'd it go' 'i took complete meats' or
'meats i just missed the goal from 2ft away'
'or im feeling meaty'
'have a beefy drink'
by Chris-Piano December 22, 2004
The parts of animals that some animals eat.
If God didn't want us to eat humans why did he make us taste like meat?
by hungryhotei February 01, 2005
the way of giving someone rejection.
can also be accompanied by a hand gesture where all four fingers are closed together and the hand pointed at the person who is "taking meats".
Dave: "Apparently the world's going to end!"
Bob: "No it's not, meats!"
by gilo December 02, 2004
a describing word for girls used in a derogitory way.
yo we were at the mall yesterday and there was meat every where aye.
by pip_brendan October 04, 2006
Its part of an animal that is eaten by other animals. Humans are animals so we eat meat. If you are a vegan or a pussy PETA supporter, then don't eat meat, and shut the fuck up. If you don't shut up and bother us, we will either kick your meatless ass, or spit the meat right in your face!
Meat is good for you!
by Clinker October 29, 2007
a guys dick, a mans penis
bro vanessa is on my meat

by chrriiisss November 09, 2007