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A word that can be added to the end of ANY noun to increase its ghettoness
If you don't shut up, I'm going to hit you in your mouthmeat!

He just left a mess on my deskmeat.

I just stubbed my toemeat!

I loves me some Shawnmeat :)
by tyleranne August 02, 2011
The scale by which the aptitude of a football player is measured.
That was a meaty sack.
This line is straight meat.
What a meaty block!
by DonJuff November 30, 2013
adj.- something extremely manly or awesome in a masculine way.
dude! that old truck i bought is sooo MEAT!
by B1g R1ck October 19, 2009
big offroad tires on a truck
"i got a new truck"
by Karchinator March 30, 2007
usually a male body part shaped in a cylindrical form with a good amount of length depending on the person. used for release of liquid and used for fun and releif.
Hey man you got a nice meat.
by Avid Billiard Player January 06, 2010
Verb. Another word for intercourse. You use meat because it is so suttle and no one catches it.
Hey, you trying to meat for lunch?
Hey, I want to meat some hot people.
by Stoan September 27, 2006
slang for large tiers.
check out the meats on that car!
by mike December 04, 2003