During the teenage years a person tends to be focused on themselves and their behaviour and mannerisms can be disconcerting. A meanager has not yet learned to put the majority of their ideas and thoughts into a larger perspective and they can be very hurtful to those around them, especially their parents and siblings.
The meanager flopped down on the family couch, grabbed the remote and changed the channel from the current programme that his folks were viewinging without so much as asking if they would like to see the latest MTV programme.
by Gwen E Morgan November 07, 2007
A manager (aka your boss)who is mean to you.
"Man, my new boss is a meanager."
"Yea, I know what you mean. Mine, too, man."
by Lexluvssimon July 10, 2005
The stage in life when teen age children become possessed by peronality and forces contrary to their prior 12 years.

Similar to a teenager but lacking the nice qualities. Meanagers frequent malls, schools and sport fields. They shun parents speak in tongues and exhibit behavior similar to feral animals.
My Jane was polite well behaved and did well in school. Now she wakes up and reminds me of Linda Blair in The Exorcist. She has turned into a real meanager.
by NoFo67 March 28, 2009

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