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mexicans causing trouble
once upon a time there was a gang called mct but then they disbanded once they found out what their initials stood for
by cac du ma an cut August 19, 2011
An acronym used on AIM meaning "Minor Chuckle To Self"
Used in place of lol, becasue we all know that we aren't laughing out loud.
Person A: dude, BJ-Snatch is such an idiot, he has no idea whats going on at all!
Person B: mcts, thats right.
by A Pitch To Johnny July 23, 2005
Magic Carpet Time. When you and a your friend(s) just layout on a carpet and share your feelings and talk about life. It brings you all closer together.
I had the best MCT with my roommate. I really feel closer to her.
by overdoseondope December 11, 2013
Mega Cock Tease- a girl that leads you on everyday, but will never give it up
I spent the entire weekend watching chick flicks with an MCT who wouldn't even touch me.
by Special Agent Bob March 01, 2011
MCT or Male Camel Toe syndrom is commonly reffered to as the sag, or the toe. It is caused by a seperation of the ballengidus or ball area. This syndrom is commonly found in most douchebags.
OMG, did you see that guy, he had the worst case of MCT that I have ever seen!
by Sky_Fire February 05, 2010
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