Medical College Admissions Test

A test designed to separate those who work insanely hard and have good grades from those who have good grades and are also intelligent. It is not uncommon to see people with high GPA's from lower tier schools do poorly on the MCAT.

Test Covers: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Writing, Reading.
He had a 4.0 yet tanked the MCAT.
by FordSupraFanatic November 30, 2004
Top Definition
The Medical College Admission Test. An 8-hour marathon of an exam required of all prospective medical school applicants. Believe me, it sucks ASS!
You're taking the MCAT in April? Oh, my condolences.
by Anonymous March 08, 2003
Slang for methcathinone.

A synthetic amphetamine derivative which is most similar in structure to methamphetamine and cathinone. Effects are similar to amphetamines but in high doses also has a resemblance to MDMA due to being a more potent serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Also has the rep for being very easy to synthesize making it novel for chemistry n00bs
Me: I just ate a quarter gram of MCAT and I feel great!
by Losing Streak December 20, 2007
A grueling, terrible 9-hour exam required of all students applying to medical school. It is the hardest and longest of all graduate school examinations. Only the strong-willed and intelligent-minded survive. The exam tests critical reasoning and not just content.

Composed of the Physical Sciences (Physics and General Chemistry), Verbal Reasoning, Writing, and Biological Sciences (Biology and Organic Chemistry).

Physical Sciences & Biological Sciences - 100 minutes each (62 passage-based questions, 15 discrete)
Verbal Reasoning (not reading comprehension. Questions ask "why?" not "what?") - 85 minutes (all passage-based)
Writing - 60 minutes (2 essays, 1 hour, separately timed)

Scored from 3-45 for composite score, J-T for writing
Dude, you're taking the MCAT??? Wow, you gotta be smarter than those loser students taking the easier LSAT.

Yo that MCAT today was mad hard.
by IHateMCAT August 18, 2006
Monorail Conductors Admission Test
I have to write the MCAT so that I can fulfill my lifelong dream of being a monorail conductor.
by MonorailGuy November 29, 2009
An amphetamine-like drug which has gained high popularity in recent years due to its relatively easy synthesis and readily available ingredients.

It is most often insufflated (snorted) or bombed (wrapped in cigarette paper and ingested orally).

People on it are dirty horrible skanks that need to get a grip, you'll either be trying to fight someone because your so out of it you dont know what youre doing, or you'll try to shag everything you see.

It makes you look like a walking corpse after prolonged use and people on it come up with all sorts of stupid excuses as to why their noses are running and they have red eyes after snorting it. Truth is, it's like snorting fire, its not a cold or an allergy.
Guy: She's got red watery eyes and she keeps sniffing.
Guy 2: Yeah she's on MCAT again, she says it's a dust allergy, last week it was a cold but she's just addicted to snorting that crap.
by TLA78 February 19, 2014
To ferociously masturbate a female until orgasm is reached, approximately 20 seconds.
involves the middle finger and the ring finger, using the muscles in the forearm to move up and down at an alarming rate.
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