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A tire , in very worn condition
One of the tires on my car is a maypop
by d-york September 20, 2003
Unstylish shoes. Usually bought at a discount store. Maypops usually get "stepped on" to make them dirty.
You a bamma! Your moms can't afford Jordans, so she got you maypops.
by James Kelly May 28, 2006
offbrand athletic shoes. E.g., Stadias, Zips, Winners, Dart-A-Bouts, Curtsy Times, etc.
I can't believe I lost a tennis match to that bama with those maypops. His shoes had pictures of celery on them.
by Tank Miller November 02, 2007
When a person has on an item of clothes that is so tight the buttons look as if they were to break loose, they'd fly like a bullet. You know, buttons may-pop off at any time.
Typically used for repeat offenders, it is usually for someone who isnt exactly 'petite' even though they like to dress that way.
"OMG! Did you see Sally's may-pops today. That chick must of borrowed that shirt from her 4 year old." Usually followed by "How did he\she get that on?"
by Mrs. SomethingSomething October 18, 2007
Generic clothing, typically purchased from a discount retailer like K-Mart or Wal-Mart
"Those shoes are so maypop."
by sinorev July 01, 2006
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