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1) A very extraordinary hacker who gets paid to do absolutely nothing such as website/ftp exploitation, social engineering, and opticle cryptography processing. See Cam0.

2)To assign the highest importance to.

3)The best.

4)Sometimes Maximize is spelled "Maxamize", when this occurs it is recognized as a flaw to one's spelling, but to hackers it is encouraged as a "1337" way of talking especially when you are referring to MX from the AOL Scene.

5)A computer/graphics mastermind. See Mx also.
- OMG, Maximize. Can you please hack me a website, perferably AOL?

- “the ideal of maximizing opportunity through the equalizing of educational opportunity” (Robert J. Havighurst)"

- I need to Maximize my graphics so I can get more hits on my website! Oh, MX will you develop these images for me?!?
by MX April 28, 2005
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