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a popular Belgian/French name given to good looking, smart, talented, and classy boys generally with good tastes in music.
The exchange student Maxime is so cool, I will miss him when he is gone.
by b0nez13 March 22, 2007
French guy's name which in latin signifies the biggest!!!!
Whoa! That earthquake was a 8.9 on the richter, Maxime style!
by Mob_14 January 25, 2011
a girl name:

beautiful, unique, wonderful individuals. Maximes are known for having the best personalities, not to mention there SMOKING HOT. Maximes are sometimes shy, but are different from the rest, and really stand out. Its best to date a Maxime, they will treat you right, but usually you have to make the first move, because they tend to be shy. Maximes are loving, caring individuals, and have a tendancy to make you fall in love with them, without even trying.
boy 1: man, im in love with this girl, shes different from the rest, and so sweet!
boy 2: me too! I mean, she doesnt even flirt.. she's just herself.. and i love her!
boy 3: is she by any chance a maxime?
boy 1: damn.. how'd you know ?
by bog-segat March 30, 2012
Term for a person that keeps running into things or hitting his head.
dude 1 : Hey man did you just hit your head against that treadmill while reaching for your water bottle ?
dude 2 : Yeah man it's like the third time today i've hit my head.
dude 1 : Dude, you're such a maxime.
by daboyg June 17, 2011
That really hot (but also kinda nerdy) guy in your french class that's actually from France and also speaks Polish and totally has the hots for you.
OMG! of course i know Maxime, he's the guy in french class.
by GingerGingerGinger16 March 09, 2011
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