A word used to mean hard as in tight, nice, lekker, for juice.
Exerz! The babe next door was showirin n i chekd out ha boobs and dey wer like maul like this. u chek?.
by Ednolak October 20, 2009
To make out
old word from m yarents generation
we had to watch the two lovers maul.
by Colin January 30, 2005
The maul is a key word throughout the entirety of the boo context. It's main usage stems from the phrase to "lerk your maul". However, it also holds key relevance for other informal actions as well as body parts. For instance, plural, mauls, often refers to the hands. Whereas singular it refers to the face or portion of the face. See also Mullit.
Lerk your maul to the teddiboo son!!

Go and wash your mauls.
by Bill Yard October 04, 2003

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