ancient greek translation for "eternal sex-god". It is beleived that anyone that holds this name has a great level of skill and ability to perform sexual acts for long periods of time. Men posessing this name are also well endowed.
Girl 1: I wish my boyfriend was a matthew

Girl 2: Oh you poor thing
by longhard February 03, 2010
Matthew is an international man of mystery. The kind of guy you can throw a shoe at and he'd catch it on his foot, even though he's 2 sizes bigger...

What nobody knows about Matthew is that he harbors a deep inner desire to be loved by someone special, something he will never experience due to his busy schedule of rescuing Baby Pandas from bamboo fires and intercepting missiles over war torn countries with a frisbee.

One thing is certain, when a crisis is averted, that handsome man walking off into the horizon alone is a Matthew.
Guy 1: Thanks for lifting that fallen bus off of my girlfriend!
Matthew: ...
Guy 1: What's you're problem?! I said thanks.
Girl 1: It's ok babe, he a Matthew *quiet sigh*.
by leechtime February 22, 2012
a name that describe some one as a smoking hot gift from god,also know as the tax collector in the bible and also as a disciple
man he is a true matthew
by kooleyoohmoma February 28, 2008
Truly a gift to anyone who meets him. Brilliant, hard-working, driven, hilarious, loving, an all around amazing person. Be careful though, he's very stubborn and stuck in his ways. Only the right one can tame this bull, but when he's caught by her he is forever under her spell. Matthew is tall, handsome, with big blue eyes and a smile that lights up even the darkest of rooms. He is loyal and unbeatable by any other man.
Q:Did you see that guy Matthew over there cooking up a storm?
A:A chef too? Is there anything Matthew cannot do? "God's gift" just took on a whole new meaning.
by PrettyBerd February 04, 2010
An amazingly faithful boy who loves his significant other until the very end. A Matthew is someone who makes you laugh when you don't even feel like smiling, and a Matthew is someone who actually cares about your feelings. ALSO, Matthew's are commonly extremely HOTT and have adorable smiles.(:
1. Woahhh, I LOVE me some Matthew.(:
by MGW&MTC June 29, 2010
1. Extremely sexy, smart, and athletic male.
2. Can sometimes be misconstrued as having a big ego or being over confident.
3. Commonly a Leo.
Matthew is the perfect guy.
by abadhabit July 13, 2006
From the Latin term "Awesomus", meaning "Awesome" or "Rad".

Not to be confused with Chuck Norris or Steven Segal, Matthew is a different type of Superhero.

His gregarious nature and ridiculous good looks make him the subject of many womenfolk's desires and he is known for his sexual ability and stamina.

His sweet, caring nature is a virtue that he will extend to all friends around him and his looks cannot be surpassed but beware; when he's angry, he turns into an angry version of his good-looking self.

Not a Latte drinker but admired by metro-sexuals around the world, Matthew is a real world man, with real world man desires.
Guy: Look at the Matthew over there. I wish I was that rad.
Girl: Me too.

Girl 1: I can't believe it but I think I just saw a total Matthew
Girl 2: You did! I'm going to get his phone number!
by Sally Baker February 04, 2010
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