Matthew means gift from god, usually a matthew is a sweet and caring guy, he will be very clever and good at sport. Matthews of this type usually only ever love one person, and always will, till their dieing day. Matthews can get very emotional and find it hard to express their feelings, matthews love music.
Oh look at that matthew over there, he's very handsome.
by Kamron Gallet December 29, 2011
a boy who is usually brunette, cute, SMART, funny, outgoing, fun to be with, awesome friend, liked by a girl who is close friends with him but she does not want him to know or things would be awkward, loyal
That my best friend is a matthew
by QTgirl April 18, 2010
Someone who everyone can't resist. Evryone loves him and he loves everyone back. Doesn't get angry a lot but when he does get angry he woops ass. Watch out for them because they are cool!!!!
Hottie #1: WHO IS THAT HUNK!!!

Hottie#2: Man he has to be a Matthew!!!
by $nip3r May 01, 2010
Matthew is a name from the bible. Matthew is smart, funny and just the most amazing to be around. Although shy in big groups he has a large personality. Matthew doesn't encourage a fight but stand up for himself and the ones he loves, he would put himself in harms way before his loved one. When in a relationship, Matthew isn't the first one to express his feelings, unless he has to. He will always care but have a hard time showing it. Matthew is quite protective of his girlfriend and will show so if needed, even if with a small threat. It may take a lot to get him angry but when his is he means it.
I love you Matthew, you are my world! <3
by mrmonkie01 September 04, 2011
the most amazing boy on earth. he is everything a girl could want and so more. he's really sweet and all around perfect. he's undiscribable and one of a kind<3
matthew b:)
by ilovesexx23 April 15, 2010
Matthew is the cutest guy you will ever meet. He is charming, goodlooking, and very nice. He can get on your nerves at some times, but he is the best guy in the whole entire world.
by kieililiyi November 03, 2011
A common pseudonym used by professional and contract killers, political, economic or otherwise as an allusion to the Biblical apostle of Jesus Christ, Matthew, who was also known as the "Tax Collector". This reference is to the collection of a fee or "tax" in exchange for the act of assassination.
To claim Matthew as a Client, friend, associate or contact:
"I have a meeting with Matthew this afternoon."

To claim that Matthew will tend to an issue or incident:
"See that Matthew tends to the problem."

To reference Matthew as a solution to a problem:
"Matthew is good with these situations."
by the Mechanist July 25, 2009
The most amazing guy out there! Hes got the best everything from looks to his personality! He's absolutly perfect and soooo fun! He's tall, blonde, and a total hottie! Every girl wishes he was hers, but theres just one special girl that he'll give his all and do anything to make her happy and feel very loved :)
matthew is perfect!
by dancerchick8 July 03, 2012

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