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1. (n) A saleswoman at a shoe store
2. (n) Your twin brother who gets a car and a computer for his birthday while you get a large purple dragon plush toy.
3. (n) A bitch who won't give you any condamns

"These shoes are mine betch!"
"I'm gonna betchslap you shetbag!"
"oh...oh...oh...oh...by the way betch, FUCK YOU!"
"let's partay, betch"
"Betch, these shoes are 300 FUCKING dollars. Let's get 'em"
by drgmark35 November 04, 2006
The phrase that you say to people if they try to sit at the plastic's lunch table while wearing track pants on a day that isn't Friday or a pony tail for the second time in a week or a color other than pink on Wednesday
That's against the rules and YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US!
by drgmark35 January 21, 2007
1. (v) A variation of the word bitchslap used by Kelly in the video "Shoes"
2. (v) What you do to one of your friends when he/she pisses you off
3. (v) What should be done to shetbags and douches
"I'm gonna betchslap you motherfucker"
"You should betchslap that whore for stealing my boyfriend"
"Kate totally betchslapped Natasha zomg!"
by drgmark35 November 04, 2006
A group of mathematically exceptional students who compete against other schools usually in timed rounds and are often Asian. Many people make fun of them, but they're actually pretty cool, especially if their names are Kevin Gnapoor and Cady Heron. Many mathletes max out the math curricula at their respective schools and have to take math courses though PSEO (post secondary enrollment option), which is provided by many school districts at local colleges.
You can't join mathletes. It's social suicide!
by drgmark35 January 06, 2007

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