1. "the hard way"

2. something you need to know to get through school, but will never need again once you're done.
Joe has seven more apples than Frank, who has apples equal to his age divided by 9, how many apples does Joe have if he eats half of them plus one?

Hmm... we can do this the easy way, or math...
by Brad March 20, 2005
What the universe can be broken down to at its basest form. One of the most frustrating topics EVER, but when one is able to grasp its complexities, can see the inner workings of nearly EVERYTHING.
Math is friggin' tough, but we all wish we had the ability to see it like John Nash.
by Mikey G October 21, 2003
The study of numbers.

Any math besides statistics that you learn after seventh grade is just there so they can have some math to teach you. Nobody gives a shit about the quadratic formula. Hell, you won't even use that for engineering! All I can think of using anything above seventh grade for is a math teacher.

Fuck math
Kid 1: hey man, I've been doing some math!

Kid 2: Fuck math, and fuck you

by Nickodemus Bartholomew September 23, 2008
The only science that truly saves lives .
Student : Why do we study maths ???
Teacher : Mathematics saves lives .
Student : How is that ?
Teacher : It keeps stupid people like you from getting to medical school .
by somon June 16, 2009
John: My math teacher is abusing me!

John's Dad: Its OK, all math teachers are like that.
by x-child December 16, 2011
gods way of punishing us
WHY GOD WHY!?!!@!$131#!#!

why did you give us math!?!?#$!$
by BE_PREPARED! September 04, 2007
A subject that the dorky kid loves
Kyle: Dang math class again
Melvin: Oh my good golly gosh I love math class.
by Speed March 29, 2005

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