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a boarding school slang for perscription speed. comes from a.d.d. add adding math.
when say a dean is walking dawn the halll way your standing as youu speak to your dealer "could you swing by my room later and help me with a math problem i've been haveing"
by aeztek November 12, 2004
55 66
A pathetic attempt to spell maths by ignorant Americans
The word is "Mathematics" Billy, and the contraction is "Maths."
by BA (Hons) Cantab September 08, 2005
69 83
another word that can be used to mean "porn".
"Man i love math but it is just so damn expensive"
by billyj April 17, 2008
7 23
Something people with no social skills and a depraved need for stability and objectivity enjoy thinking about as a form of masturbation.
Loser: I like math.
by Leonid Brezhnev April 06, 2008
18 35
Used as a crutch for those who cant think creatively. Jacks up the GPA's of the untalented masses who want to spend hours memorizing boring procedures.
Art/music = good
(not the classes, the subjects themselves)
Math = bad
by pabl0 March 28, 2005
89 106
Most pointless load of shite someone ever took the time over to make up.

No good to you after you leave the exam room, generally find that maths teachers usually become obsessive after 5-10 years - who wouldn't?

one fact about life is that 2+2=anything but 4 since that would require the fouritems to b exactly the same, a more useful idea is that 2+2=5, a famous radiohead song.
two plus two always makes five
by Duke of Earl January 31, 2005
93 112
A womans phone number.
You see that cutie over there, i just got the math.
by SirHC510 August 30, 2006
14 34