What people who failed english think the plural of math is
Guy 1: I have to take 4 maths classes in high school
Guy 2: and retake english...
by Jtgamerguy December 03, 2010
(cell) phone number
My phone got stolen, I need you to give me your math again.
by Tom-Tom82 November 24, 2008
a subject in school that you learn to do.
i learn math in my school
by Eric Desautel November 24, 2007
Your Phone Number..
In the example below..lol,I tried to make it as Interesting as Possible..But I failed..I aint a Comedian Bitch!!haha
"Aye Yo girl,can I get yo Math shawty?"

"Sure..1-800-TOO HOT FOR YOU Biatch"

"Its like that Now?"

"Yeah,I dont like you anyway,so why you askin' for My number dude?"
by Vymizzle July 24, 2007
arithmetic, calculus, and pie diagrams.
mathematicians don't study math; they study other things, like cohomology groups, k-theory, and algebraic d-modules.
by jon May 01, 2004
Abstract thinking in its purest forms using numerical objects. Mathematicians and physicists (ie, applied mathematicians) have been proven to be the smartest people in the world; the people who "don't get it" become retarded history majors.
I tried to use the Dirac Delta Function to patch the singularity in the path integral, but LOL it diverges and I failed completely so I had to find a new topoligical metric. Maybe I should have used a contour integral.
by jdawg January 15, 2004
Stands for

Useful for many things, like working out angles, extracting the best time to enter into a conversation, and, if you can fly, plotting your trajectory to work.
Look around you.
Look around you.
Just, look around you.
Can you tell what we're looking for yet?
That's right, Maths.
by Thegreatnick March 16, 2005
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