Norwegian Slang For An Extremely Large Male Reproductive Organ used mostly by vulgar people for an example people at the Oslo underground stations at nights.

Also a person that is really good in school but cant really focus on helping others as he tries to do his own shit stuff.
1. His Girlfriend Loved His Large Mats as it tastes like coca-cola with cola sauce.

2. Some guys: Hey can I see how big your Mats is? The train comes soon
Morten: Sure help yourselfs

2. Adam: Can I have help with this please?
Morten: Sorry I need to focus on my own work first.
Adam: Fuck, you're acting like a Mats
by Large guy April 12, 2009
a small burrowing creature that lives in the highlands of yorkshire, it eats soil then releases its fluids onto its foood pile to saturate it in salt
that mat in scamondon dam has a big hole
by eeearni July 24, 2011
Short for the word "materials". Usually used in MMORPG's that means the materials needed to create an item or enchant.
I'll give you a free enchant if you supply the mats I need.
by CaptainLoozer October 25, 2005
A magical rainbow unicorn that can fly and grant wishes (mostly wishes that have to do with cinnamon buns by choice). You can spot him around the pier.
Kristy: Hey have you seen Mat?
Monique: Yeah i saw him at the pier, he gave me some amazing cinnamon buns!
Kristy: I wish i had some cinnamon buns... DINKLEBERG!!!
by Mat Fancypants July 09, 2011
Movie Association Trap. The trap that leads people to believe a movie will be good because the last movie the main star or director did was a hit. This trap can be very painful, as you try so hard to believe it is good, even though it is total crap.
1. Hey, Linda was a big fan of Titantic, but she fell into the M.A.T. and saw Man with the Iron Mask because Leo was in it. What a mistake.
2. Jim Carey was great in Dumb and Dumber. I think I'll go see him play the Riddler in Batman.
3. I loved Christopher Lee in Lord of the Rings, so therefore his role as Count Dooku in Star Wars must be Oscar-worthy.
4. From the producers who brought you Lost comes a new motion picture...
by booyatribe May 23, 2009
The Replacements, an 80s band.
by donth October 27, 2003
M.A.T. (pronounced mah-t or em-ay-tee) - Morning After Twat...the aroma and general genital funkiness emanating from the unwashed female genitalia the morning after a sound pounding...usually accompanied by a pounding headache, cottony mouth and general disorientation on the part of both involved parties
Yo that barrel I woke up next to had some serious M.A.T. going on...the smell nearly choked me when I lifted up the covers.
by Walnuts January 13, 2006

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