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A sexy boyfriend who is the best in the world and nobody can have him cause he's mine....I love you Mat you sexy thang you.
"Mat, you are lookin ultra sexy today"
by Erica April 10, 2005
148 202
1. A person or being showing complete lack of thought or common sense

2. Offensive to the sight

3. Notably unpleasant or distressing

4. To have a characteristic aura or atmosphere; unpleasant
Wow, that guys a real Mat!

I cant believe he said that, thats just like Mat

Lets get out of here, Mats comming!
by Sturmagist February 28, 2005
76 132
A Fucking Prick Who Plays With My Feelings And Gets His Slutty Whores To Say Mean Shit To Me
Leezanne: I Fucking HATE That Piece Of Shit. Hes Allways Fucking With My Feelings *sighs* Prick!....Stupid Of Me To Fall In Love With Him:S :'(

Alison: Oh Mat?

Leezanne: Duh!

Alison: Stfu Im Blond!

Leezanne:......I Know
by Leezanne & Alison March 18, 2005
73 132
Short for "mark-ass trick"
Goddamn, Adam, quit being such a fucking mat!
by Commander Smoothie April 29, 2005
27 97
Mat is a flaming homo who loves the cock and he is a loner who leeches of
Larry: o shit mats coming lets leave
he might try to stick it in our butts.
by Larry April 13, 2005
65 139
A gooey greenish-white mucus substance that mysteriously appears in the eye upon awakening.
Sally hoped the suprise emission from her boyfriend would work it's way out through the mat process.
by Kristen April 25, 2005
32 110