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Chewing food.
Present tense of masticate.
NOT to be confused with masturbation.
Most commonly used when people pretend it's suggestive, as a joke (see example), although NOT actually funny.
Carl: You bob, last night, i masticated right at the dinner table! I got everything wet.
Bob: What a lame fucking joke.
by Thadanator September 09, 2004
1) The act of oral sex with foodstuffs.
2) The act of chewing said foodstuffs after fornication.
Did you know that chewing food is called mastication?

That's like having oral sex with your food man, gross.
by Kiwi Baccano October 15, 2012
The art of chewing
Masti'cation is the best.
by Brandon Skinkis September 05, 2011