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To eat food noisily, sloppy, and with smacking sounds and other annoyances.
"My brother masticates when he eats."
by Dave February 05, 2005
6 29
To grind or chew. It sounds like masturbate so dumb fucks who are too lazy to figure out its real definition assume it means masturbate. It's a funny word and has power.
I masticated my food.
by w00tw00t April 05, 2003
677 96
1. To chew (usually before swallowing or spitting)
2. Sounds close to Masturbate (good for puns)
"I masticated over a hot plate for over an hour the other night."

"woah thats impressive"

*spits out food*
by wen January 03, 2003
253 128
To chew, or to (literally) move the jaw up and down in a chewing motion.

It can easily be mistaken for masturbate. A very good word to play around with, it is; so much that I played around with a newspaper teacher's mind by using it in a piece of writing.
You're a masticator, aren't you?
Yes, you are, you bad, bad man.
You like to masticate meat.
Just admit it, yeah, yeah.
by Drake Aldan March 07, 2004
108 47
Main Entry: mas·ti·cate
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -cat·ed; -cat·ing
Etymology: Late Latin masticatus, past participle of masticare, from Greek mastichan to gnash the teeth; akin to Greek masasthai to chew -- more at MANDIBLE
Date: 1649
transitive senses
1 : to grind or crush (food) with or as if with the teeth in preparation for swallowing : CHEW
2 : to soften or reduce to pulp by crushing or kneading
intransitive senses : CHEW
- mas·ti·ca·tion /"mas-t&-'kA-sh&n/ noun
- mas·ti·ca·tor /'mas-t&-"kA-t&r/ noun
Do you hob nob while masticating your comestibles?
by Zach O'Brien January 03, 2004
126 67
Verb - A quick cover up in case the word "masturbate" is spoken innappropriately or ill timed.
Me Hey, want to masturbate with me?
Her Excuse me?
Me I asked if you would like to masticate.
by Skin Twig September 02, 2005
86 44
from the latin verb "masticare"; To chew as in food.
This is also a pun on the word masturbate, which makes it a great conversation starter.
In our society, families gather around a table three times a day and masticate together.
by Masterwinks November 28, 2005
54 33
1 : to grind or crush (food) with or as if with the teeth : CHEW
2 : to soften or reduce to pulp by crushing or kneading
why wouldnt you masticate in front of my mom
by Andrew Uchiha June 10, 2007
19 10