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A vaguely passable show, let down by the terrible animation common to many carttons of that era. The remake is absolutely shit. I mean, they have lasers, so why do they fight with SWORDS?!?!
Hmm, Masters of the Universe is on...might as well watch it, there's nothing else.
by Darth Ridley May 12, 2005
10 28
First shown in 1983, motu was immediately accepted as the greatest action cartoon EVAR. Featuring He-man and his crew taking on skeletor. Also spawned a watchable movie. Not even thundercats was better than this pumping power house of a cartoon

by Kung-Fu Jesus April 21, 2004
35 6
Only the greatest cartoon out of the 80's, followed by Transformers, Thundercats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, M.A.S.K., and I think C.O.P.S. was in the 80's and if it wasn't it pwns too.
"Holy shit did you just watch the new Masters of the Universe cartoon?"
"Must buy figures now."
by Flash-Bender June 21, 2003
17 6
Just another SKA band....need i say more.
Jeff : wow where are all those emo and weird people going.
theBully : o they are just going to see Masters of the Universe!.
by jeff the bully November 02, 2007
1 1