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Something u get at Wong's chinese hand laundry
I washed me close at Wong's and I got the Hong Cong Dong.

Its great!!!
#bong #hong #song #gong #zong.
by blackwaterray April 28, 2012
hard woody
I get a woody in the morning
#hardon #boner #erection #stiff #knock on woody
by blackwaterray March 07, 2011

A great way to rock oneself to sleep.
Why is bill sleeping so sound? Did he rock himself to sleep, again by mastering that dam wood.

Why is the floor shaking? Bill, are you masterbateing your rocker to sleep?

Bill really knows how to rock himself to sleep, he's out.
Ya I know, he masterbates that wood rocker.
#beat off #jerk off #hand job off #pet your wood #and of corse jack.
by blackwaterray April 04, 2011
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