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to masterbate, while being mashed off' drugs such as; cannabis; valium;, any drug which will relax the user
Oh man i feel quite stoned... i might mashturbate later on,it will sort me out...!
by whitty2350 October 24, 2008
Mashturbating is when you or someone else mashes your cock with their fist or a household object.
Jane: uh you'll never guess what happend to me last night
Sarah: what?
Jane: i saw my brother Mashturbate in his room
by The Mad. Dude. Guy. October 13, 2009
To mash with one self as if were one in a mash pit.

I couldn't help but laugh when Sean started to mashturbate.
by lolwutbbq July 10, 2008
The peroid of time when you're beating your flaccid dick
John Wilkes Booth: Did you get any last night?
Ryan Gosling: I wouldn't count it, I was too drunk to get throbbed so I decided to mashturbate.
John Wilkes Booth: Bro, me too.
by SpectaclesTesticles July 30, 2016
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