A soft dick. usually when after having sex one's dick become soft.
Girl: do you want to have it again.
Guy: No, sorry. I already got a marshmallow
by little boy89 October 26, 2011
A term of derision used by police officers patrolling Williamsburg, Brooklyn (mainly the 94th precinct) for the bohemian or "hipster" interlopers/residents. Related to the fact that they are stereotypically both white and soft.
"police radio crackles": "Car 32, we need you at 242 south forth to break up a party...lotsa complaints"
"Care 32": "Probly justa buncha fuckin' marshmallows!"
by TheChicken December 05, 2009
A kiss on the lips. Can range anywhere from chaste to full on making-out. Can be used as both a noun and a verb.
Bryce: "Did you marshmallow him last night?"

Sarah: "Of course. Mike's marshmallows are amazing."
by Fallen Rose May 25, 2011
Someone who is so easy going that they are pushover and easily persuaded to do things that they did not want to do.
"My boyfriend didn't have enough money for pizza...I ended up buying for him and his friends...I am such a marshmallow."
by jallthetime December 02, 2009
Is also a statment that is said when it's allllllll GOOD!
(whats her face) said she would go out with me, I got an A on my test, and my parents are buying me a car. (sigh) Marshmallow!
by SuperDew October 15, 2004
A safety word used while having amazing sex. Instead of saying "no" or "stop" in the heat of the moment, the other person can disregard it and use this word.
After she got off the plane we went for a few drinks then back to my place. Things got out of control and she started to see orgasmic light, she needed a break and yelled out MARSHMALLOW!
by Partymunkay September 09, 2011
A fat, hideous gay male with rosy cheeks and a stereotypically high-pitched voice. Often inexplicably dating an attractive gay male.
Person 1: "Hey, look at that hot guy!"

Person 2: "Of course, he is with a marshmallow. I wish I was ugly and fat enough to be with him!"
by Al & Dev November 13, 2008

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