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a person who is a wuss or a sissy. also one who is gullible and often described as a goody two shoes.
Example 1-
person 1: "eeww i saw you and your girlfriend kiss yesterday!"
person 2: "oh, shut up, you marshmallow."

Example 2-
person 1: "OMG that guy in the movie just chopped off that guy's head!!!"
person 2: "stop being such a marshmallow; it's just a movie."
by smiley_chica May 05, 2010
something that just plain SUCKS. terrible and full of shit. describes a situation you would rather avoid, or a person who is full of B.S.
ex.1) person 1: my friend's mom is a psychopath. she beats her every night.

person 2: that's so freaking shitful.
by smiley_chica July 01, 2010

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