a fat white person with extremely large boobs and is very very short.
that white bitch is a marshmallow
by x_m_x May 17, 2006
someone peaking on magic mushrooms
i'm a total fucking marshmallow
by ((((((hahahaha.))))))) December 10, 2003
When a Man is given an ejack-u-lation in to the puusy of a female and then eats the cum out of the pussy
my cum tastes better in marshmallow form
by tyler harold November 30, 2006
a crazy mother fuckin fat shit who eats them 24/7.
cmon u fuckin stupid marshmallow get the fuck up!!!!!!
by getto king August 15, 2006
1. The action of putting a lit cigarette in someones eye
If you put a cigarette in someone's eye, the eye swells up similar to the way a marshmallow expands when it's heated.
Melissa, if you touch me one more time I'm gonna take this cigarette and give you a marshmallow.
by Mic Check September 21, 2005
Psylocybe Cubensis - (magic mushrooms) Illegal mushrooms that cause a major sense of euphoria through out the body when consumed.
want to buy some marshmallows
by Billy Shroom May 25, 2010
Insane girl who never calls people by their real name.
She's a real marshmallow! She can't even get my name right!
by Anaksunaman June 19, 2004

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