A special right that's generally reserved for heterosexuals.
Britnery Spears was allowed to enter the holy state of marriage for an entire 55 hours because she's heterosexual and thus brings honor to the sacred tradition.
by Billy December 04, 2004
Its after you live with a woman for 8 years, And you have had sex in every room, Every position, In every park and department store change room. You give her a ring and say I DO. What that really means is I DONT have sex anymore. All your freedoms is gone, and she controls everything you do.
I masturbate more now, then before my marriage.
by DittmerDan November 13, 2014
The dream and soul crushing arrangement that sucks the hope and enjoyment from life.
Guy: When I was a boy, I wanted to be an astronaut.

Guy's Friend: What happened?
Guy: Marriage.

Guy's Friend: I'm sorry to hear that. Well, I've got to go tresspoop now, so see ya later.
by Mtneerfn May 09, 2013
What men often find themselves pressured into doing in order to reproduce. It will become obsolete the day that men are able to have sons by cloning themselves.
Frank Sinatra Junior never quite had his dad's talent. Too bad old blue eyes couldn't've clones himself to avoid Marriage. On the other hand, without Marriage we'd never have gotten Nancy Sinatra, babe extraordinaire.
by Red Sam Black May 09, 2012
a bond between two people in love
Dillon and Nichole are in love so they arranged a marriage.
by nicholeispretty June 20, 2007
Marriage: a legal union between a man and a woman.
Garriage: a legal union between two men.
Larriage: a legal union between two women.
Barriage: a legal union between two bisexuals.
Tarriage: a legal union between two transgenders.
Sparriage: a legal union between a human and another species.
Shamarriage: a legal union of convenience.
Sharriage: a legal union specifically between a man and a sheep.
Swarriage: a legal union specifically between a woman and a swan.
Turduckenarriage: a legal union between a turkey, duck and chicken. (Over-rated.)
Haliarrage: a legal union between a human and E.T. or other alien.
Polyarriage: a legal union between three or more.
What's so magical about the word marriage?

Straight fellow: If I get married I don't want people asking, "what's his name".

Gay fellow: If I get married, I don't want someone to ask, "what's *her* name."

You get the idea. Regardless, most mglbtspshamshswturkendenalipolyharriages will end in one word for which no hair-splitting is required: divorce.
by catcarouser October 21, 2013
An affliction of the body and mind. Effects include isolation, desperation, sexual frustration, alcohol consumption, inability to communicate, and in extreme cases, physical violence or childbirth. Due to advances in modern medicine, many cases of marriage do not end in death.
The fact that you asked for an example is ample evidence that you've never experienced marriage.
by Blackwolf Morrow February 14, 2011
A sacred union between two people who love one another. Can be between a man and a woman, a man and a man, or a woman and a woman (or should be and is in some states).
by s0phfeist June 27, 2010

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