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1. A Pagan celebration of a marriage. Often popular among Wiccan communities.
2. A theme of wedding by Celtic influences in which each guest brings a strip of cloth or rope, in which the hands of the wedded are tied together as a symbol of unity.
1. My fiance and I are having a handfasting which will be blessed by the Lord and the Lady.
2. I really want my wedding to be a handfasting because of my Celtic-blood influence.
by ajnachakraguy June 22, 2009
1. A bond shared by a man and a woman, 2 men, or 2 women.
2. A ceremony celebrated by many religions as a holy covenant.
1. Hey me and girlfriend are going to enter the bonds of marriage soon.
2. A Wiccan marriage is known as a handfasting.
by ajnachakraguy June 22, 2009

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