fucking insane, burnt...
Dude, Paul is way more marnus than Luke.
by Paul January 22, 2005
Top Definition
marnus (n): a person who has mildly embarrassed themselves, especially through an act of stupidity; a fool (affectionate)

marnused (v): to have mildly embarrassed oneself through a minor act of studity; to have been burned or pwned.
"I totally marnused myself when I tried to chat up that girl without realising she was a lesbian."
by Russell Brown October 17, 2006
Marnu is another word for an islander who tries to act african american.
Man that fob is being marnu.
by Rolandh1 August 31, 2007
Exceptionally awesome; chill.
Dude, Luke is more marnus than Paul.
by Luke January 17, 2005
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