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Marnu is another word for an islander who tries to act african american.
Man that fob is being marnu.
by Rolandh1 August 31, 2007
0 0
marnus (n): a person who has mildly embarrassed themselves, especially through an act of stupidity; a fool (affectionate)

marnused (v): to have mildly embarrassed oneself through a minor act of studity; to have been burned or pwned.
"I totally marnused myself when I tried to chat up that girl without realising she was a lesbian."
by Russell Brown October 17, 2006
72 22
fucking insane, burnt...
Dude, Paul is way more marnus than Luke.
by Paul January 22, 2005
31 26
Exceptionally awesome; chill.
Dude, Luke is more marnus than Paul.
by Luke January 17, 2005
20 52