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A river in Germany
Acronym My Ass Reaming Never Ends 3ID
A position of being bent over by the third infantry division
A command while in formation
Squad MARNE position move
by Kraftypatties December 04, 2004
A small town in West Michigan that has one bar, one post office, a pizza joint, and a sort of famous racetrack- the Berlin Raceway. Not all that live here are potheads or hicks- just simple folk that tend to like the quiet countryside around them.

And no one cares that "the great" Berto-whatever lives here. It is however, the home town of Johnny Benson- the not so great race car driver.
Ya know- Marne. Rhymes with Barn... The highway exits between the Coopersville dump and Grand Rapids.
by inkblot98 March 17, 2011
The most happening town in Michigan. If you're from here, you are either a hick or a pothead, either way you probably have pot in your closet.

Home of Bertolini... the Italian ass kicker.
I live in marne.
by Dan Bertonlini January 20, 2004
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