Apparently, the one word in the English languages with more synonyms than anyone can keep track of.
Weed, pot, nugget, grass, mary jane, etc.. pretty much you can just say "let's smoke some (any word you want)" and people will know what you mean.
by dead kitty April 29, 2005
This plant is portrayed to be the most dangerous and evil plant ever made, yet there have never been any cases of people getting killed from smoking weed, and one is 5 times more likely to get addicted to tobacco than marijuanna.
Marijuanna is a great way to soothe your pain and depression when used in moderation.
by AYB June 17, 2003
An herbal remedy used by honest men and women since colonial times in America and ancient times in other parts of the world. This remedy used to decrease the amount of pain one feels after chemotherapy, decrease nausea felt during pregnancy and cancer related treatments, increase the apettite. May cause spiritual enlightenment.

The trade, transport, distribution, production and consumption of this plant is strictly prohibited by the governing bodies of the United States of America.

Psychological addiction is the predominating cause of concern for future generations.
"I don't smoke Marijuana, I smoke herb."
by Cristo July 08, 2004
The medicine of God. It's a sin that it's illegal.

Smoking marijuana profoundly alters one's perception of the universe, helping to assist in perceiving and understanding beauty. (that's why music is so much more intense when stoned.)

People who don't like marijuana have either never tried it, or are complete know a truly good person by whether they smoke marijuana or not.
Stanley Kubrick films are absolutely incredible on marijuana.
by Alexander DeLarge March 07, 2005
the most beautiful and natural drug in the world; see maryjane, cannabis, grass, and/or reefer.
I smoked a fat blunt of this beautiful white rhino marijuana and proceeded on by shooting skinheads in the park.
by papyrusCuts June 20, 2004
it's well put by ben harper, he's a good man:

herb is the gift from the earth
and what's from the earth is of the greatest worth
so before you knock it try it first
you'll see its a blessing
and NOT a curse...

toke up.. its 4:20 bitches
by The Crazy Mexicanos June 23, 2003
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