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An elaborate instrument, deriving from traditional India. The Sitar gives off a very unique and recognizable sound. Many bands from the 60's used this, such as the Beatles (famously) and the Rolling Stones. It has 7 main strings, and 11-13 sympathetic (smaller) strings, which reside under the heavier 7. It is made of wood and gourd (tomba), and often is highly decorated with such things as carvings and bone.
The Beatles sure loved that Sitar! You can hear it very well in the song Norwegian Wood.
by Moldy August 03, 2004
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An instrument defined by its ability to make a person feel obscure. Indians and 60's musicians are excluded from this category because they perform for non-hipster reasons. Anyone who plays the sitar in the united states in the modern era is automatically a hipster.
John: Yo check out that kid playing the sitar

Jack: Damn, what a hipster. He does have skills though

John: Yea for a hipster
by Phil McCrackin' June 14, 2011

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