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Marijuana is the best thing ever created under this sun. People who say marijuana is a bad drug never did have it, has not done it or had not done it in moderation. It’s the dose that makes the poison; table salt can kill you if you eat enough of it. Marijuana mood elevator and gives you a different awareness of the surrounding world but keeps you grounded, other than alcohol which is a depressant and puts you to sleep. Cigarettes and alcohol kill more people each year than car accidents, but they are some how legal?
While marijuana is pretty much harmless, you don’t see any body being killed over a bag of marijuana? Did you know the greatest jazz players smoke grass, they where the best players in the world along with many others, some of the best music was created under the influence of marijuana. ITs the best thing to happen to America if it becomes legal.
Is not marijuana included when it read in the bible; "Genesis 1: 12 I have given you all the seed baring plants and herbs to use."?
by 420TT February 27, 2005
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