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The greatest aphrodesiac known to mankind. You can smoke a bowl and jack off to porn like you never have before. You can get high with your girlfriend and fuck all night. You can get stoned with a bunch of young college chicks and then have group sex. You'll swear you've been in heaven. If more couples got stoned and had sex there'd be less divorce in this country. If our leaders got stoned and had sex with their wives or interns, there'd be less war and hence more peace. It truly is the only thing that makes you forget about everything else except feeling good. That's why it will never be legal. Because our leaders know that if everyone is getting high they'll refuse to fight stupid wars for stupid ends so they build marijuana up to be a big evil so most people will lay off it.
I'm going to smoke marijuana and jack off to porn all night long. War? What war?
by latenightsmoker July 10, 2006

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