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(acronym) "Don't give me that shit" First used circa 2004 by John J Raven and friends, including but not limited to Gonelizzfishing.
Pissed because someone decided to enter the meaning into the urbandictionary that was NOT the person who originally used it: "Dgmts, give credit where credit is due!"
Whenever you want to use it: "I'm going to eat." "Dgmts"
by Lizz December 20, 2004
i dont want to hear that shit
when johnjraven says something obsene like "my fingernails are about 8 inches long" the correct and only responce would be "idwthts". this will let the other person know that you A) have no interest in hearing things like that, and B)they are ridiculous for telling you this.
by lizz March 09, 2005
any sounds, smells or gasses released from the body
please keep your bodily functions to your self
by Lizz August 27, 2003
Your family...Your 'people'
Most commonly used when around black people
Yeah, those are my kinfolk.
by Lizz October 20, 2003
a respectful way of saying 'hello', generally used between badgers and Bad Asses
Melis: "Shagwat, Leia"
Leia: "Shagwat, Melis"
by Lizz August 19, 2003
slipknot fans...they rock and their (sic)
im a (sic) maggot...and im not a faggot
by lizz August 30, 2003
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