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The pimpest fuckin' Nig, his cock is like elastic, never ending, and never stopping, shit yeah, anyone that you know who is in fact a "marfan," go down on your knees and give them a complimentary blow job.
"He was a i sucked just had to be done"
by bleeding gums merphy April 22, 2005
A guy whose stature is lanky and spider like. A Marfan always seems to think that he is god's gift to the ladies whilst working in retail and studying a bullshit degree.

Due to his ill natured frame the clothing that he buys, after seeing it worn by people way cooler then he never, ever fit right. Those long spidery legs are totally out of proportion to his entire body making him ridiculed.

He likes to be sneaky and malicious. By going though peoples phones to get a glimpse of a lifestyle he never had (or will).

Person 1; I spoke to Marfan today.
Person2; oh really, how was he, all spidery.
by marfanmarfan March 06, 2007

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