1. A fusion of the words meow and arf, usually uttered by the bored.

2. A word that can be used to change the subject in an awkward and/or annoying conversation.

3. Can be used when others are making random animal sounds. (when asked what it is use definition 1, paraphrase if you'd like)
1. This is sorta self-exclamatory.

2. Wierd Guy: Hey guess what.


Wierd Guy: *random shit*

You: MARF.

Wierd Guy: What?

You: I said MARF.

Wierd Guy: Ok then.

You: Yup.

Wierd Guy: *Walks away*

You: *smile in triumph*

3. Person #1: Meow

Person #2: Arf


Both #1-2: What

You: *explain what MARF is*

Both #1-2: *bow down to your glory*
by Blah- muther fuckin- Blah November 23, 2009
Top Definition
A meaningless expression used by furrys who can't or won't decide on a word to express the emotional state.

A furry "meh" basicly.
Fox: So how was your day?
Skunk: Marf
by Mr Yin January 05, 2009
An acronym, short for "Modifications and Additions to Reactor Facilities." It is the name of a prototype reactor plant run by the U.S. Navy and the Department of Energy, located in upstate New York. It is a disastrous cluster-fuck of a Destroyer's engine room (surface ship's steam plant) and a S5W/S7G primary plant (fast-attack submarine's reactor plant), which results in nothing making any sense at all, and everything breaking constantly. According to a rumor I just heard, a large primary-to-secondary leak recently occurred and the plant is going to be shut down forever.

Also means, "Make another round, fucker!" and is said to someone who's sitting around, on watch, not using their time the way they're supposed to (bullshitting, not paying attention to equipment/machinery).
Person A: What plant are you in? S8G?
Person B: MARF :(
Person A: *shivers* I'm sorry man.
by Sarpedon June 19, 2006
The sound sheep make when they know we arent looking.
Also a nonsensical word that has no real meaning.
"Marf Marf"
"What was that???"
by Decontrol December 04, 2006
the name for a person who has the connective tissue dissorder marfan syndrome.
I miss my marfs from the conference
by marfgirl December 05, 2009
The sound a puppy or prepubescent dog makes when it barks.
MARF! MARF! *pant pant pant* MARF!
by TheRealMarfles July 14, 2009
When you're stroking it and your mom walks in
1. General Spacebat: Marf
1. General Flamereaperz: Marf!
1. General Emtee: Marf :(
1. General Octah: you all got caught marfing at the same tiem?
by Aman'thul June 28, 2009
The famous Arseish word 'marf' is commonly used by BadAsses of the United Badgers Association. Meaning "sex" or "fuck", it can be used in a variety of sentences. Other words find it's root in 'marf', such as 'marfut', marfer, 'ubermarfer' and 'merf'. Please use accordingly.
Oi Badgerstaff! Fancy a marf?
by Alex K. August 19, 2003

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