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A meaningless expression used by furrys who can't or won't decide on a word to express the emotional state.

A furry "meh" basicly.
Fox: So how was your day?
Skunk: Marf
by Mr Yin January 05, 2009
When someone in loose trousers bends forwards and the arse crack rises above for all the world to see.
Common with builders, council workers, plumers and general overweight people.
"My plumber was fixing my pipes and his swetty builder's bum kepted staring me in the face."
by Mr Yin January 06, 2009
The act of stripping down to socks and shoes, running down a populated street, twirling and shouting about something that doesn't make sense.
That dude was so wasted last night he started moxing!
by Mr Yin January 31, 2009
The someone farts wearing a g-string and makes a skid mark on the pants/skirt.
Three lines and two colours.
Person 1: So how was your night out?
Person 2: Was ok, but I had a bit too much curry and made a aquafresh on my new pants.
by Mr Yin January 06, 2009
An old brittish exclamation of annoyence (like saying "fucking hell"), orginaly used by sailors.
*hits thumb with a hammer*
"Oh hells bells and buckets of blood!"
by Mr Yin July 06, 2009

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