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A meaningless expression used by furrys who can't or won't decide on a word to express the emotional state.

A furry "meh" basicly.
Fox: So how was your day?
Skunk: Marf
by Mr Yin January 05, 2009
A combination (or portmanteau) of the words "moist", "ass", and "barf" all in one. It pretty much means poop or diarrhea, but with a funnier sounding word.
Person 1) "I totally just marfed on your birthday cake!"

Person 2) "That's okay. Maybe we can eat your marf and vomit all over each other!"

Person 1) "Only if you fist me!"

Person 2) "Deal!"
by Green Bean Boy December 02, 2010
A man scarf.
Did you see what his wife made him?

Yeah she crocheted him a marf, what a lucky guy.
by Scarfly Man December 07, 2009
Noun, A scarf made for and/or used by a man.
"Hey do you like that scarf?"
"Umm, it's in the guys section, I think it's a marf."
by Oren L. January 14, 2009
To barf in your mouth. When some vomit comes up and stops at the back of the throat/mouth and is swallowed back down.
"Dude, I just marfed and can taste that Chinese food all over again."

"Damn, I just marfed a little bit. Can I get some gum?"
by GBCA February 20, 2008
A rash of the inside of the ass
(girl in bikini walking around)
Boy: whats that red on your butt? I think you have a marf.
by wedonthavemarf March 06, 2009
A meaningless nickname for a quiet/shy person who is intellectual and doesn't talk much.
Sally: Hey, who's that quiet girl in science?
John: Oh, we just call her Marf.
Sally: Marf?
John: Yeah it's a nickname for a shy brainiac.
by Anonymously smooth April 26, 2010
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