An insulting name for those individuals who choose brand over substance. Those who choose Apple merely because they buy into the marketing and worship at the altar of Steve Jobs.
He cued for three days for the new iPhone... what a Mapple!
by Mapple Basher January 27, 2012
Top Definition
a young child prostitute specialising in bondage (can describe anyone from 7- 13 who enjoys bondage)
this can be an insult
wow, its grown from a boy to a mapple

that skanky 12 year old is such a mapple
by jackass April 17, 2004
Mac + Apple = Mapple
A word used to describe Intel based Macs.

Started when the company changed there name from Macintosh to Apple with the change from PowerPC to Intel.

Also used by parodies to prevent trademark/copyright infringement.
I have the first gen Mapple iMac.
My Mapple is way better than your old Mac.
by Patcoola July 04, 2010
an insulting term for any Apple company product excluding the ipod (see iplod)
I hate how no public school can aford anything other than mapples
by Brad Slocum February 25, 2005

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