a condiment commonly used as a lubricant during salad tossing or rimming. while maple syrup is the most widely used condiment, strawberry syrup or grape jelly may also be used.
Mmmmmm.... Your ass tastes fantastic! This maple syrup really sets off the flavor of your bung!
by melonie August 09, 2007
Top Definition
something that has to be on the table before the pancakes
"Maple syrup has to be on the table before the pancakes."
-Rain Man,1988
by bfk94 September 05, 2010
The Canadian code word for methaphetamines. This is because you can use it on anything. Also note that Canadian bacon should be changed to freedom ham.
This maple syrup is great on this Canadian bacon(freedom ham)
by Milo Dangler March 25, 2005
A sweet condiment made from boiling down the sap of sugar maple trees. Outside of northern New England and Quebec, maple syrup is usually eaten with pancakes or waffles. Inside of northern New England and Quebec, it is eaten with ice cream, hot dogs, fried dough, milkshakes, donuts, hot cereals, baked beans and most other foods.

Maple syrup: the only condiment you'll ever need.

Do you want some maple syrup to go with that?
by Lees Ben April 07, 2009
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