The Manus is an extremely infectious disease that is very contagious and can be transmitted instantly from the host body to an unsuspecting victim via a mere slap to the forehead.

Once the Manus is inside you, you feel the word pain you have ever experienced like the Manus is eating you alive. No matter how hard you try to pretend you do not contain the Manus, your face will distort physically different from everyone else’s, and the only thing on your mind will be getting rid of the Manus. People around an infected Manus host body will point out that you now have the ultimate shameness because you have the Manus, but remain at a safe distance and most likely cover their foreheads.

There are only two other way to gain immunity from the Manus from a particular transmitter, one of which is via blocking your forehead using you outturned palm of your hand, yet you must not let your palm touch your forehead. Instead, you may hold your palm a few millimeters in front of your head to guard yourself. If the transmitting host body tries to attack you with their Manus, and you successfully defend yourself (whereby they strike you, but not on the forehead), then you gain immunity while that host body that tried to attack you contains the Manus. Once that host body passed the Manus on to someone else, you are no longer immune.

The Manus resets every night at 12:00pm, and from that time onwards, anyone who was seen the NZ Police advertisement has the power to begin transmitting the Manus. Once the person who passes on the slap gets rid of the Manus, he/she becomes immune to the person he/she passed it onto, yet loses immunity if the slap is passed onto someone else, as the person who passed it on is always immune.

It is important to note that the word “Manus” must also be shouted at the victim to let him/her know what is happening. If the host body does not shout the word “Manus” while slapping the forehead, then the Manus remains with in them, and the person that was attempted to be victimized then becomes immune to the Manus. This is the third and final way of gaining temperamental immunity from the Manus.
Frank: Today is a nice day
Pat: Yes it is, and **slaps forehead** YOU HAVE THE MANUS
Frank: Ahhhhh, Nooo, Gosh it kills, Ahhhh
Pat: Shame!!!! Look at Frank, he has the Manus! Ooh!
by C. Norris May 11, 2006
Top Definition
1. An insult to use against someone with no actual meaning, it sounds rude but it hasn't got a meaning so dumb maori's on TV in New Zealand can use it without their land being claimed.
2. Manus is a transferable disease that only one person may have at a time. When you have Manus, the effect is completely and utter depression.
You can pass on the Manus to another by hand slapping another persons forehead and say Manus. This transfers the disease onto the other and you are FREE of Manus!

Rules of Manus
1. You can not return Manus to the person who gave it to you, they get protection
2. If your Manus attempt fails (IE you hit someone in the wrong place, you miss, you dont say manus etc) That person is now protected from Manus - but the person who gave it to you IS NO LONGER PROTECTED!
3. You can cover your forehead as long as you DO NOT touch your forehead at any time.
1. Oh bro you're tha manus.

2. *SLAP* MANUS! Shame you have the Manus!
by ManWithManus May 11, 2006
A contraction of Manchester United that is seen as a derogatory term by many fans, particularly those based in Manchester.

Previously used predominantly by rival fans in songs mocking the Munich Air Disaster ("Man U Never Intended Coming Home", "Man U are manure rotting in their graves" and "Man U, Man U went on a plane"), it is sadly becoming the most common term fans from outside the city refer to the club by.

The club does not issue any merchandise with the words "Man U" on them, nor do any terrace songs refer to the club as such.
Lincolnshire fan "I support Man U"

Mancunian fan "I support United"
by A Mancunian Man October 16, 2008
A shortened name (in French) for Emmanuel. A common guy's name.
Hmmm.. there's something about that Manu. Can't put him out of my mind.

Warning: A crush on a Manu will doubtless be indefinite & unrequited.
by Sarah G. May 02, 2006
Northern scum, very large fanbase, half of the fans however, are not even FROM manchester, making them a bunch of cocksucking, jump on the bandwagon, sheep. Fans ignore the team they are from, they ignore the fact that they are at the bottom of the premiership, or even in league 1, they have no loyalty, no pride, no nothing, they would rather be yet another fuckin sheep supporting man u despite the fact that they've never even been to manchester. Man uinted suck cock, and all of their sheep fans should be fuckin murdered
Sheep from south london or w/e- Wow, Man u are the best, I'm not even from manchester, I should really support a south london team, but they arent at the top of the premiership now are they?

Me- punches the faggot in the face, then kills all man u's fans
by a-ce November 25, 2006
Short for Manuel. Perfection.

A handsome man
Deutschland keeper, Manu Neuer, was the best at the World Cup.
by iheartNeuer August 14, 2010
<Sports> Abbreviation

Manchester United Football Club.
STAN: "You going watching Man U next week?"
ABDUL: "Nay."
by Stuart Fletcher February 24, 2005
A man short in stature, frequenting public places after dusk; most often lurking, in most cases with his much taller, partner in crime Jamal.
That guy is totally trying to pull a Manu, but it is far too early in the day to be wreaking havoc, and his frient is not nearly tall enough to be Jamal.

Manu didn't get invited to the party, so he called up Jamal and they meandered instead.
by ManJam3000 July 19, 2010
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