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Definition: Not to be confused with DAVIS!!!!!!evil monkey has never been to Sacramento. Ghost Town? What the hell is that? There is as much in Sacramento and its surrounding areas as there is in San Diego or L.A. There are tons of clubs, bars, better restaurants, and everybody is moving here. I just moved from San Diego. There is crazy traffic, and no ghosts. Wow, evil monkey must travel here a lot.
Hot Cities in United States
by cate April 13, 2005
British slang
Translates to dick head
He's just a knob head with no knob.
by Cate December 11, 2003
a very hott guy who plays the bass in the summs
WOW look at that really hott guy named Cone playing the bass!!
by cate January 14, 2004
Dolf de Datsun is a fox.
Man, that good-for-nothing Dolf ate all my chickens!
by Cate September 08, 2003
1. A stupid, whorish shrew.

2. Alyssa Milanho, current Charmed star, formerly of Who's The Boss, formerly talented.
You stupid Milanho!

"Isn't that the chick from Charmed?"
"The one who dated Marilyn Manson?"
"No, the other one."
"The pretty one?"
"No, the annoying one."
"Oh, Milanho."
by Cate November 14, 2004
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