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The little fella you see at the gym who tries to draw attention away from his short stature by packing on excessive muscle mass (this generally has an effect opposite of that which was intended). Often waddles around like a muscly lil' meatball.
That manlet may only be 5'5", but I just saw him rep 250 lbs. eight times on the bench! Somebody's overcompensating.
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A korean girl who has the figure of an above average built man, they are normally characterized by their hunchback, wide broad shoulders, red mullet and need to latch onto other males. Ankle grabbing behaviour is also common as well as an extreme thirst for drugs. The term "Jin Ha" or "Jin Hard" is commonly associated with the term manlet.
"Help! I just got ankle grabbed by Jin Ha, I can't throw her off because she's too much of a manlet."
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by Jin Ha January 20, 2014
A short statured strong male, (under 5"6), trying to overcompensate their height, mainly used to hate against short muscular men. 90% hate comes from men over 6 ft that is extremely skinny/ or extremely fat. 5% comes from insecure women who are over 5"10, 5% comes from low confident people who are unhappy with themselves.
Tall frail/very fat men "hey look at the mantet he's so short and muscular"

Insecure women about height "omg he's so short, he's a manlet"

other 5 % I hate on every one so let me go make fun of that manlet
#short #short guy #tiny #tiny man #little
by true facts December 31, 2014
A man who's height is above midget level, but is well below that of any other man. They tend to be very muscular and wide, without a neck.
Guy: "You remember Maurice Jones-Drew?"
Other guy: "Oh yeah, the Manlet running back from the Jaguars?"

I walked into the gym and saw a few manlets working out. They're short, but they sure can lift.
by TheRickestRick April 19, 2016
A shorter fully grown male who just happens to be 5'6" or under. They are usually very angry and bitter and channel their aggression toward women as they fear normal-sized men. They also try to overcompensate with working out and belittling others.
Can you believe this manlet thinks that Angelina Jolie is ugly?

Our boss is such a manlet.. he fired a man who joked about his height today!
by PotatoSaladCraving February 29, 2016
A manlet is a dwarfed male that is 5"9 and under. Often insecure and overcompensate by working out or going on the Urban Dictionary and attempting to make the definition of manlet the height just below theirs.
Anyone under 5"3 is a Manlet.
by Expunisher March 30, 2016
a little man - (of which guy nakamura is a good example -

see- guy the fly or shiznit for more info.

a term that can be used to annoy, but in some cases, just to point out an obvious statement
'guy is a manlet, haha, he is so small lol !!11!!1!!1!!! !111oneoneeleven!!11!!onehundred!!1 !11!!eleven!
by weeabix April 26, 2005
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