New Zealand definition:
Short fo Mongrol Mob.
What Up Mangi Dawg.
I scored fo us last night! hehe
by Reecy Hizzle July 12, 2006
Top Definition
Infinitely useful but completely uninformative, 'mangi' can be used in place of modifiers like 'cool'.

Also, 'mang' itself is an all purpose word, akin to 'fuck' - for example:
v. to mang (he mangs, she is manging, everyone will mang): "He's just manging out."

noun: "Is that a mang in my rootbeer?"

adj.: "This is one mangy party!" or "Hey! Where'd all my mangi bong chives go?"

expletive: "MANG!"

gibberish: "Mang-ez fra-is?"
by February 06, 2005
A short form for the term 'Mangalorean' - A person from Mangalore. Mangalore is a coastal town in the South Canara district of 'Karnataka' a Southern state of India.
I was born to Mangi parents and I'm proud of it.
by Arun Serrao June 26, 2006
Stupid guy who always gets killed on Faldon.
Mangis sux man, he got killed like 80 times today.
by YoUrMoMsUxPeNiSaNdMuNkEeBaLlZ October 13, 2003
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