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Infinitely useful but completely uninformative, 'mangi' can be used in place of modifiers like 'cool'.

Also, 'mang' itself is an all purpose word, akin to 'fuck' - for example:
v. to mang (he mangs, she is manging, everyone will mang): "He's just manging out."

noun: "Is that a mang in my rootbeer?"

adj.: "This is one mangy party!" or "Hey! Where'd all my mangi bong chives go?"

expletive: "MANG!"

gibberish: "Mang-ez fra-is?"
by mangiraver.tk February 06, 2005
17 8
A short form for the term 'Mangalorean' - A person from Mangalore. Mangalore is a coastal town in the South Canara district of 'Karnataka' a Southern state of India.
I was born to Mangi parents and I'm proud of it.
by Arun Serrao June 26, 2006
12 5
New Zealand definition:
Short fo Mongrol Mob.
What Up Mangi Dawg.
I scored fo us last night! hehe
by Reecy Hizzle July 12, 2006
5 4
Stupid guy who always gets killed on Faldon.
Mangis sux man, he got killed like 80 times today.
by YoUrMoMsUxPeNiSaNdMuNkEeBaLlZ October 13, 2003
3 10