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A pretty woman whose diminutive size belies her ability to deliver a crushing blow to the unsuspecting.

There is a lovely young woman at work named Angie. She is wee but feral. I once made a clever quip at her expense and, in retaliation, she smacked me on the arm. It hurts still. I remarked that she punched like a man thereby coining the neologism "Mangie".
The first thing that struck me about her was her blue eyes. The second thing that struck me was her fist. As I spit my teeth into my hand I understood that I wasn't dealing with an ordinary woman. No, what I had here was a Mangie.
by The Full Bladder March 22, 2005
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Someone with really bad feet. Long cracked green toe nails, athlete's foot, and socks that take themselves to the washing machine.
That tramps got mangie twinkle toes
by Sophia1666 March 21, 2008
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