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usually used in a situation when a fat chick walks into a bar, party or any area with shallow males.
"oh man, here comes that fat bitch, man the harpoons!"
by mr. dickerson May 18, 2007
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This phrase is also used exclaimed whenever a fat chick walks into the internets.
*op posts fat chick* "hay guise this is my gf. does u lieks her?

by killer of lulz October 19, 2008
When you pass by an obese chick, "Man the Harpoons" is the phrase you use. Because, oh man, that whale is huuuuuge.
"Holy crap...that chick is a freakin' whale..."
by Well_it's_true April 07, 2010
The phrase you shout to your friend when you see THAT enormously fat girl come towards you, shaking the floor like a whale would if it could walk. Not just a fatty - a fatty fatty!
oh my days its the whale - man the harpoons!!
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