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Someone who is obsessed with women making them sandwiches.
Manfred: Make me a sandwich, woman!

Mildred: What a man...
by losersquaredthatsme June 24, 2010
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man: noun. A generic term for any administration, institution, law enforcement agency, rule giving organization; any restrictive body that would limit or constrain in any way an individuals liberties.
Screwing the man. Avoiding the man. Losing the man. Leaving the man. Going to bed with the man. Joining the man. Beating the man. I got caught by the man. I'll never work for the man again.
by Marcus Macdonald May 22, 2008
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A person with two heads.
For a man, unfortunately, the smaller and less talented of his two heads defines the course of action in the vicinity of a person with one head.
by Ki Pe September 08, 2006
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Man: How does a boy become a man usually by dissassociation..cutting off from the family,expected to challenge authourity,be aggressive,and manipulative at an early age..this is tolerated and encouraged by elders in most societies.

A boy then watches porn with his friends talks about 'hating' girls etc...Couple this with dissassociation from family the first cut off point is the mother,to become a man one must dissassociate from his emotions,become distanced from them and rely being a dick instead.

Not much has changed most boys are encouraged to behave in such a manner and it is even applauded!

Throughout the ages,man's identity has been synonymous with 'woman',usually the dominance and abuse of woman is part of forming his identity(in some way shape or form regardless of who the man is ,he may rely on being an immature boy or being a complete manipulative dick either way)his difference from 'woman' is his only claim to be a man..
Most men are not even man enough..more like a bunch of dater boys and full of shit
by porndaterrrrrrrrrrrr November 02, 2010
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Man: Soceities expectation for you to conform to (marry) a man..when in reality this is not something you have to submit to..

Men in the 1950's used the wages as a tool for abuse, abuse,where you can beat the shit out of your woman because YOU CAN.YOU OWN THE WAGES RIGHT?
Men typically own the homes then too..SO THEY CAN KICK YOU OUT FOR A YOUNGER (MORE STUPIDER VERSION OF YOU)..Just when you got wise to him (eg passed the age of 12 to 15)..

Men used women as a tool for abuse in the workplace also,can be seen in any workplace even today in the 00's..Where a woman on maternity leave may get even FURTHER pushed out of her job by a mysoginistic piece of shit who cannot even do half the work you do..or match an average days workload but still get PAYED TWICE THE AMOUNT..WHO'S THE EXPENSE NOW?
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person:Hey, whats a man?
person2::-O UR A PERV
by someone one on this site July 23, 2010
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One can classify men in many ways. I'm going to do that according to some definitions for 'woman'.

Type 1: Retarded amoeba
"A woman is the useless skin around the vagina."

This kind of man is a lame excuse for a human being, and is sadly a waste of precious oxygen and a contributor to global warming. My defintion would be: Useless skin, cause their dick is not worth mentioning.

Type 2: Ignorant Asshole
"Women are only good in the kitchen and bedroom."

Type 2 is another unfortunate specimen of mankind. This kind of man is not even good in these two sectors, cause he can't even make toast without burning them and his unfortunate wife sleeps as he has sex with her.

Type 3: Normal Homo Sapiens
"Woman are equal to men in intelligence, and should be regarded as equals."

Type 3 is the only kind worth calling 'man'. This is the normal kind, and the world would be a better place if there were more.
"Have you heard Luca? That man has the mental age of a retarted amoeba."

"Mark said women are only good in two places, but there's no good place you'll find that man in."

"I really enjoy being with Tony. He's such an intelligent and cultured man. God knows my lfe would be better with friends like him."
by Liz.B April 28, 2008
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